Fight with your siblings

Have you ever got involved in a fight with your siblings and then had to tell your parents who were on the fault? You must have tried to convince your parents that your sibling was at fault and you were just trying to control the situation or you were the victim of circumstances. You would have tried to present the examples, as well as proofs to your parents to depict a clear picture of the scenario.
That attempt to convince your parents regarding your innocence in the scenario was the utilization of persuasion. Writing a persuasive essay is the same in the way that you have to persuade your audience regarding your opinion and not regarding your innocence in the scenario.

Essay writing service is one of the most important requirements of the academics, for the high school and college level students and most of the students get nervous when they think about writing a persuasive essay.

They keep searching for an online free essay writer which is a good practise to have your essay written in lesser time. However, you can learn the art of writing a persuasive essay by following these steps.

1. Select Your Topic
The very first part of any writing procedure is selecting the topic of writing. When you are writing for the academic purpose, there are greater chances that your instructor will provide you with the topic of your writing assignment. Quite often, the instructors leave the task of selecting the topic on the students as they want them to do better by writing about the topic of their own choice. If your instructor has provided the topic, it is quite good. On the other hand, if you have to pick the topic, then utilize the opportunity to talk about the topic of your interest.

2. Conduct the Background Research
Once you have made your mind regarding a topic, do not just start writing or even submit your topic for the essay to your instructor and conduct background research about the topic. You should ensure that you can perform better in the essay and the background research would enable you to get an aide about the details of the matter. Once you feel confident about the topic, after getting to know the details and depth of the issue, you can submit your persuasive essay topic to your instructor, or just move forward towards the completion of the assignment.

3. Select your Position
Persuasive essays are mostly written about social issues or regarding political matters. On the other hand, they can also be written about the topics of literature, while persuading the readers about the point of view of some author, etc. After conducting the background research about your topic, you would be able to know about the two sides of the topic. In the case of the persuasive essay, you have to present one side and persuade your audience about it. So, at this step of your assignment, pick the side of the topic about which you want your readers our readers.

4. Create the Outline
The next step in the process of writing a captivating persuasive essay is the creation of the outline. In the outline, write the hook statement, while shedding little light on the issue and the purpose of the paper. After that write the thesis statement, which clearly depicts your purpose, as well as motivate the readers to explore and consider the matter. After that, you can write the topic sentence of each paragraph in your outline. You should have at least three points at your hand to include in your essay. After that, write a concluding statement, and the outline of your persuasive essay is complete.

5. Write Introduction
After completing the outline, the next step is writing the introduction of the persuasive essay. Include the hook statement form the outline as the first sentence of your essay. Then provide a little background of the issue, as well as your stance about it. You should also explain the reasons why you have that opinion, which is actually your persuasion points. At the end of the introduction paragraph, include the thesis statement from the outline of the essay.
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